Refund policy
Charge back policy of AAA Crypto ltd (hereinafter – Company) was elaborated for decreasing the financial and legal risks of the Company and for respecting the principles of Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Client policy (hereinafter AML&KYC policy). The Company has the right in it’s discretion to return the funds to sender if during a month since the replenishment there were no trading operations on Client’s trading account. The Company has the right if necessary to return the funds received by means of any payment system, including credit/debit cards. The refund will be made using the same details of account or e-wallet that a Client used for the input. While replenishing the account opened in a bank (including the usage of a bank card) a Client takes on the obligation not to demand a bank or a credit/debit card issuer to recall already credited funds during and after the usage of Company’s services. In case of receiving such recall the Company has the right to block the access to Client’s Personal account, to freeze Client’s balance and to return the funds to a Client excluding the costs of all the services and fees to be paid by a Client. The Company will take all the necessary measures to prevent and block the input and withdrawal of funds by third parties from Client’s account. The input and withdrawal of funds from an account can be executed only by the owner of this account excluding the case of providing a photocopy of a third party’s demand to replenish a Client’s account with his e-wallet, bank card or bank account. This claim must be handwritten and signed by a third party and this person must pass full verification procedure as a Company’s client. The Company nevertheless in it’s discretion has the right to refuse this operation of replenishment.